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“Karmak has literally dragged our company into the 21st century when it comes to data and reporting.”

Rob Emens, Service Director, Cerni Motors Sales, Inc.

"Karmak is our strategic partner. We are able to leverage their experience, and our own, to come up with a system that is most efficient for our business."

— Darin Moxley, General Parts Manager, Yancey Truck Centers

“For us, the value is the relationships we have with Karmak. It's getting to know the people that provide support on a first name basis. It's great to be able to walk in the door at either office and have people recognize you.”

 Zach Wagner, Dealer Principal/President, Gateway Industrial Power, Inc.


Industry Experience

“Karmak has their finger on the pulse of our industry. They definitely know what they are talking about when they talk about the truck industry.”

— Joe Harp, Manager of IT, TEAM Truck Centres 


“Karmak is a knowledgeable, independent source of information for our business. They aren't just salesmen with a piece of software to sell. Their people have been there and done that in the industry.”

— Mike Jenks, Controller, Regional International Corp.

“With Karmak, their people have been in the industry, they know what they're talking about when it comes to this stuff, and they've been through some of the training we got through, like ATD Dealer Academy”

— Jeff Picard, General Manager, Western States Truck Centers

Sure Start Implementation

“Implementation was very smooth. The trainers were very knowledgeable and brought a lot of energy and enthusiasm to our training sessions.”

— Jerry Eaton, CFO, City Trailer, Inc.

“I had been through several software conversions, so I expected the worst, but this transition was smooth.”

— Chris Albin, Office Manager, I-70 Truck Center

“I am so impressed with how knowledgeable, friendly and patient the Karmak staff is. Every person, either on the phone or in person, was so friendly and helpful. We are so pleased with our new system and conversion experience. Thank you to everyone at Karmak!.”

— Melissa Gould, Sales Administrator, TrailerCraft, Inc.

“Implementation was perfect. Karmak had all their bases covered. Top notch.”

— Stephanie Butt, CFO, Coastal Mechanical Limited 

“Right away, we found that the training group and everyone else involved was great about making sure we felt comfortable at every step of the process.

— Jeff Picard, General Manager, Western States Truck Centers

“The temperaments of the trainers were really good. It’s a high-stress environment, but Karmak’s folks knew how to handle it.”

— Mike Smith, Director of Finance, Midlands Carrier Transicold

Customer Support

“The service we received was awesome. They gave us, and continue to give us, a lot of support. They really make sure you are on the right track.” 

— Andre Larocque, Co-Owner, Group St. Henri

“Your Support Team is very knowledgeable and quick to respond to my needs. Everyone I talk to is very professional and are quick to provide me with the information I need.”

— Garfield Meeks, Parts Manager, Hill International Trucks LLC

“Karmak was the right fit in terms of size for us, particularly when it came to support. They have a support function already built up on the back end. We know there are enough people there to pick up the phone when we have an issue.”

 Mike Smith, Director of Finance, Midlands Carrier Transicold



“Velocity is a system that can handle all of the departments in our building - in one package.” 

— Stephanie Butt, CFO, Coastal Mechanical Limited


“The fact that Karmak Fusion is a pure Windows-based system drove us to make that our choice. We love that functionality.”

— Jerry Eaton, CFO, City Trailer, Inc.

“If you want to do better business and be more profitable, which is getting harder and harder to be these days, it's a no brainer. Unless you are planning on having your business go away, you need to move to Fusion.”

— Jeff Picard, General Manager, Western States Truck Centers



“In one year our revenue increased by 16%. With their new program and knowledgeable staff, they make our ideas a reality.”

— Neil Eddington, Co-Owner, Baltimore Truck & Trailer


“It didn't matter what part of the business we touched. Dave Clark could match how the system worked with how the business should be run. The problems we were having, he had solutions for.”

— Keith McLemore, President, Stone Truck Parts

“Whatever it takes to get your focus turned away from your internal issues and onto the customers, that's what you want to happen. Bringing Dave Clark into the picture allowed us to turn our focus back to our customers.”

— Keith McLemore, President, Stone Truck Parts