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Karmak Attach-It

Why choose our Attach-It software?

Karmak Attach-It enables photos of vehicles or equipment to be taken with a smartphone or desktop and effortlessly attached to a repair order, unit inventory, deal, or deal packet within Karmak Fusion. There is no need to attach messy transfer cables or to upload pictures to a PC before importing. The images are transferred from the phone to the business system's Attach-It web service using wireless or cellular services.

Our Attach-It mobile application will help you

  • Save time
  • Provide clarity for service on vehicles
  • Enhances listings for unit inventory

Attach-It Resource

  Download our data sheet to learn more about Karmak Attach-It.

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  • Quickly add pictures to Karmak Fusion without transfer cables
  • Integrates with the device's camera
  • Browse pictures on your phone for importing
  • Desktop version can be used to scan repair order quotes, truck deal paperwork and other documents, which can be transferred direclty into the business system for archiving

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